Police reminded on HCC saga


A concerned Honiara Resident has accused police investigators of playing delay tactics in the investigation of Honiara City Council issues.

Pita Hardy told this paper yesterday that HCC issues regarding audit report, fire extinguisher and so on, was reported last year to the police for investigation, and even the Ministry of Home Affairs also forward the audit report to the police sometimes last year.

He said there should not be any excuse, as all the reports police need in their investigation were submitted to them, they should read and follow information inside the reports to get additional documents they need.

“Honiara is not New York City; this is Honiara where you just step out from your office doors and get additional information from.

“Police investigators please do your job professionally, so that the people you are serving have the trust and confidence in you.” Hardy said.

Police Commissioner, Mostyn Mangau recently said they were still collecting evidences on the Honiara City Council (HCC) saga before they can constitute any charges.

He also confirmed that the audit report involving the HCC saga is before their attention and investigators are collecting evidences in terms of court proceedings and investigations.

Hardy said while the public are trying to understand the work of the investigators the continuous delay is not accepted on such cases.

Honiara City council has been under the spotlight since mid last year when the former chairman of finance Willie Billy Abae made a call to investigate the unaccounted revenue collected for sales of Fire Extinguishers and also the audit report and ‘the vehicle’.

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