Police officer case on missing $300k moved


The case against a police officer alleged of stealing more than $300,000 exhibit money at the Rove exhibit facility has adjourned to August 3, 2022 for pre-trial conference.

The case was mentioned in court yesterday and was adjourned to allow counsels time to prepare papers for PTC.

Officer Makasi Dolaiano is alleged of stealing One Link Pacifica’s money that was kept as an exhibit to One-link cases before the court.

It is alleged that the said officer was the exhibit officer at that time, and was responsible for looking after the facility when the $300k exhibit money went missing in October 2020.

Investigation was conducted and he was charged with the offence.

He is currently on bail awaiting his case to be dealt with by the court.

Office of the Director Public Prosecution appears on behalf of the Crown.

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