Police: no directive to arrest Suidani


POLICE have not received any reports or directions from the Government to arrest Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani, upon arrival from Brisbane, Australia.

This was after rumous that Suidani will be arrested on treason charges for breaching the diplomatic relationship with Peoples Republic of China (PRC) after he went to Taiwan to seek medical treatment.

Police media told Island Sun verbally that they are not aware of any decision or directive to arrest Suidani.

They denied the rumours filtered in the local and international media.

According to ABC, Suidani arrived in Australia from Taiwan this week and is now completing hotel quarantine in Brisbane, before he can return home.

Suidani, who rise up against government’s decision to switch because he is representing the wish of Malaitans, said he is not sure which part of the law in the country was breached to get treatment in Taiwan.

“They have the idea and going to newspaper that I will be arrested,” he told Chris Chappeli of China Uncensored.

“We are still yet to find out if the information is true from the government but we will see what will happen when I got back to my country,” he stated.

China Uncensored is a YouTube commentary channel that focuses on sensitive political issues in China with elements of humor and irony.

Suidani said he heard there are people in China attending medical in Taiwan, and wondered if they are also charged for treason.

“I am the first person from Solomon Islands that I am here for medical treatment after the switch.

“We will see what their charges are because they are promising to arrest me,” he said.

Suidani said he is prepared to see anything that come his way.

“I am not here for any political business but on medical treatment,” he added.

The Solomon Islands has switched to PRC in, ending her 36-year ties with Taiwan.

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