Police Commissioner accused of mistreatment


Some suspended police officers have complained after the Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau made recommendation for their salary to be ceased.

One of the police officers, who wished not to be named, said this is not right under the Police Act 2013.

“This is inhuman treatment because my bail condition disallowed me to travel out of Honiara city.

“Also under the Act, I am not allowed to do any alternative job because I am still on suspension,” the officer said.

The officer said he has written five letters to Commissioner of Police but there were no positive feedbacks.

He said this issue has started since 2016 up until now.

Under Section 123 of the Police Act,

  1. When a police officer is suspended pursuant to this Part, the Commissioner shall determine what portion of pay and entitlements the suspended police officer shall receive or accrue during the suspension period.
  2. If a police officer receives a reduction in pay pursuant to subsection (1), the officer may apply to the Commissioner to review or vary the deduction on the basis of financial hardship or special circumstances.
  3. If the disciplinary or criminal proceedings against a police officer do not result in dismissal, demotion or criminal conviction, the police officer is entitled to be reimbursed for any pay or other entitlement withheld during the suspension period.
  4. If a police officer is demoted, reimbursement of pay and entitlements shall be made at the demoted level.
  5. Reimbursement of pay and entitlements should be withheld until any appeal has been determined or any appeal period has expired.

However, the Office of the Commissioner has not received and administered any letter as claimed by the officer.

“Any letter or document delivered to the commissioner’s office by any suspended police officer regarding payments will be recorded for the Commissioner to have a review or vary the deduction on the basis of financial hardship or special circumstances,” Office of the Commissioner said.

“This is just a simple internal administrative matter that could be dealt with.

“The Police Commissioner’s office therefore urges the Police Officer(s) to come forward and deliver his/her letter to the Commissioner’s Office,” Office of Commissioner said.

He/she can  call Telephone 22217 so we could administer his/her complaint rather than exposing himself in external media platforms which is again a breach of our RSIPF media policy.

The Office of Commissioner said pursuant to Section 123 of the Police Act 2013, the Commissioner will determine the amount of pay and entitlements that the suspended officer receives during the suspension period.

“On the other hand, the suspended officer may apply to the Commissioner to review or vary the deduction on the basis of financial hardship or special circumstances,” Office of Commissioner said.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is committed of being a disciplined, respected and professional organization  . The trust and confidence of the community is gained through demonstrating ethical behavior by officers both on and off duty.

 RSIPF is operated in an open, fair and trustworthy manner that ensures our officers are held accountable if they breach discipline or commit criminal offences.

The discipline system within the RSIPF is an internal administrative process and as such administrative law is that branch of the law that deals with how administrators make decisions, providing a fair process for dealing with matters such as discipline charges that do not come under the provision of the criminal law.

Therefore, any suspended officer shall be subject to all the provisions of the Police Act 2013 and Police Regulations 2013 with regards to responsibilities, discipline and penalties.

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