Case to be forwarded to DPP


POLICE say their investigations into the $300,000 that was stolen from their custody have been completed, but no charges have yet been laid.

An officer who was responsible for the police exhibit room has been suspended over the matter on half pay.

“Investigations into this case has finally been completed,” Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau told reporters yesterday.

“The case officer is now putting together all the evidence to be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice,” Mangau added.

The missing $300,000 was money police recovered from the operator of One-link Pacifica, a scam scheme that has robbed many Honiara residents of their hard-earned cash.

Police stored the money in their well-secured exhibit room at Rove police headquarters when it gone missing in October last year.

Mangau did not announced the missing funds until early this year – much to the shock of One-Link victims and the public.

The police chief assured the public then that the case will be given priority in terms of investigation but it took almost the whole year to reach where it is now.

Recently, there have been public calls for the police executive to come clean on the case,

There were reports that the officer who stole the money shared it with certain police executives.

Recently, police say cases like this take time to investigate.

Mangau yesterday said the investigation focused only on one person – the suspended officer.

Meanwhile, case of the One-Link operator is still before the courts.

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