Sogavare: we are not confrontational to Malaita


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has downplayed any ‘confrontational’ approach towards Malaita Province.

This was after the most populated province in the country, Malaita, opposed the Government’s decision to switch diplomatic relationship from Taiwan to Peoples Republic of China in September 2019.

Malaita Province’s opposition was due to lack of nationwide consultation and concern of PRC’s communist system and religion.

Sogavare told Parliament last week that the way they handled this matter is not confrontational because the government allows the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening to deal with it.

He said the last thing to do is to spoil their relationship with Malaita province

“What comes out from Malaita does not represent the full people who are law abiding citizens?

“We allow democratic process to work to sort things out,” he said.

“It starts from the switch.

“My simple advice to Provincial government, let’s respect where our responsibility stops,” he said.

“Our switch to China, we are not doing anything outside.

“I know there are powers at play, these are the same people who have diplomatic relationship with China,” he said.

“We are sovereign nation.

“We make decision on what is best for this country. Decision has been made for the good of this country. We don’t take decision to spoil our country,” Sogavare said.

Opposition Leader, Mathew Wale urged Sogavare to take steps to seek healing after geopolitics has divided the nation.

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