PM hailed for revitalising CEMA

Chairman of the Commodities Export Marketing Authority (CEMA) spoke highly of the Prime Minister’s leadership to revitalise and recapitalise CEMA.

Alpha Kimata, a long time board member and now chairman of the CEMA board, made the commendation at Pakera, Central Makira Ulawa Province, during the opening of the Pakera buying centre.

Kimata said revitalising and recapitalising CEMA is one of the flagship policies of the government and for the government to prop up CEMA at this time of COVID- 19 pandemic requires deep commitment and determination.

Kimata hailed the government under the able leadership of the Prime Minister for proving yet again that it is up to the task.

Kimata said CEMA plays a critical role to ensure copra and copra remain the mainstay of our economy, and the revitalisation and recapitalisation seven years’ strategy will ensure that CEMA is undeterred in its focus to develop and maintain the cocoa and copra industry.

The CEMA board chairman also revealed that the amendment to the CEMA Act to include other products beside cocoa and coconut, is in the pipeline.

Alpha Kimata said the amended CEMA Act is now with the Attorney General’s Chambers, awaiting final vetting before submitting it to parliament.

 Joining the CEMA board chairman was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CEMA, Patteson Siliota who sang praises to the Prime Minister for his leadership in revitalising and recapitalizing CEMA.

Siliota said to remain steadfast in reviving CEMA at this present condition is a tough call.

Siliota hailed Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for his unwavering support and leadership to see through the revitalisation and recapitalisation seven years’ strategy of CEMA.

The CEMA CEO pledged the commitment of his executive to ensure the strategy is rolled out according to its expected targets and expectations.

The revitalization and recapitalization seven years’ strategy is, amongst other things, to put CEMA in a controlling position to revive and give prominence to the cocoa and copra industry.

The seven years’ strategy is supported with resources from line ministries which include the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labor and Immigration (MCILI), Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MAL).


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