PM congratulates Solomon Submarine cable for new innovation

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.
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Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has congratulated the Chief Executive Officer, Board and Management of Solomon Submarine for the newly launched alternative of volume-based pricing model.   

Prime Minister Sogavare said Volume based pricing simply charges by the Gigabyte of the data that is transferred by the retailer.

“Let me share with you a new and exciting development by Solomon Submarine Cable. Our very own cable company has launched an alternative of volume-based pricing model in addition to the traditional bandwidth pricing model to provide flexibility to its customers.   

“Volume or traffic pricing lowers the barrier threshold to entry to the market to allows new and smaller internet service providers to engage and simply grow with their traffic without a fixed commitment in bandwidth,” said the Prime Minister.

He said volume pricing is a more traditional retailing model that allows the operator to sell its unit for data at a known margin to help their business.

Sogavare said the operators can use as large the bandwidth as the network will allow, so ensuring consistently fast services to their customers.

In this way, the operator removes any speed constraint to its customers and charges them for the usage, much like customers use and pay for water.

Ultimately, smaller providers can enter the market and the competition will be beneficial to users who can look forward to faster, cheaper and reliable internet services.

“Let me congratulate the Chief Executive Officer, Board and Management of Solomon Submarine cable bleeding the world in this innovation,” the Prime Minister said in his fortnightly nation-wide address on Monday.