Planned Taelo-Ata’a road under question

Leaders of landowning tribes from West Fataleka and West Baegu
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LEADERS in parts of Fataleka and Baegu regions in Malaita province have questioned the proposed Taelo/Ata’a road in North Malaita.

In a statement from PARU office, the leaders raised the question in show of their solidarity with MARA government cautioning those engaged in architecting the proposed road development.

The leaders raised the concern following information received within their communities in West Fataleka and West Baegu regions that several individuals claiming to be representatives of tribes within the region held discussions with the MP for Baegu Asifola and his advisers. 

The statement revealed that the dialogue was said to be on the proposed Taelo to Ata’a road development.

“Responding to the information, the tribal representatives of the concern tribal lands had a virtual meeting with the Premier of Malaita Province currently in Brisbane, Australia on medical grounds.

“In the meeting the land owning tribal representatives strongly assured the premier that they will not allow their tribal lands for such development.

“The land owning leaders said they do not know how the proposed development came about and as such we will not allow our land for the road development to go through.”

Mr Paul Ratu of Lagwaeiano tribal land stated “we will support and continue to work with the provincial government of Malaita and those that work with the province.

“We will not work or allow our tribal lands to anyone that is not willing to work with the MARA government in the development of Malaita,” he said.

Similar sentiment was also shared by other leaders who attended the virtual meeting with the premier.

According to PARU the proposed road development will be carried out by MP for Baegu Asifola with the support of the MP for Fataleka. 

“It is highly likely that the road development would be conducted under the Baefola Investment a business entity registered under the Baegu Asifola Constituency.

“Such attitude is not new the two MPs in the past also brought a high level delegation from the Chinese Embassy in Honiara to their constituencies. 

“Despite knowing that the MARA Government under the Auki Communique made it clear that they will not allow any businesses that have direct connections to PRC to come into Malaita province and to operate business in the province,” it said.