PIFS ready to support but SIG failed: Khan

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PAST and present governments have failed to seriously discuss the threat of World War 2 relics on people’s lives in Solomon Islands.

This was highlighted during a press conference organised by Pacific Islands Forum Secretary (PIFS) with Secretary General of PIFS and other top officials this week.

Responding to a question asked by Island Sun in relation to the issue, PIFS Director, Programmes and Initiatives, Zarak Khan said the issue has never been brought to regional agenda in the previous years.

“In the past this issue hasn’t been brought to the regional agenda. But we would more than welcome views from the Solomon Islands government.

“Recently over the last month or so in terms of the relics that were unfortunately detonated in a backyard in a home in Honiara, responding to the question, specifically sub regional,” he said.

Khan said the secretariat security team will welcome intervention platform if the Solomon Islands government bring the issue to the regional level.

“I’m sure there will be also very happy to talk to this outcome, and see what sort of specific assistance we could provide to Solomon Islands,” he adds.

Khan expressed his sympathies to the Solomon Islands government and the people for the loss of lives.

Solomon Islands is sitting above thousands of live war relics left behind by the Allied forces and Japan during the World War 2.

There were casualties in recent months where a bomb detonated on friends preparing food at their backyard in Honiara.

The incident sparked public outcry urging the government so as the Allied Forces and Japan to help clean up their mess.