Peace Ministry holds validation workshop on draft Re-integration Policy

Group photo from the NPRFC workshop
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A day long validation workshop was held on Wednesday for members of the Solomon Islands Post Rehabilitation, Reintegration Association (SIPCRAA).

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical (MTGP&EA).

The workshop is designed and funded by the Ministry to validate the final draft of the National Policy on Re-integration through this workshop held last Wednesday.

 It is expected to continue in the coming weeks with other groupings of SIPCRRA Guadalcanal Honiara-based and those who from other parts of Guadalcanal and Malaita provinces.

Speaking at the opening of this workshop, Permanent Secretary Peter Mae thanked the Malaita Honiara-based SIPCRRA grouping for their full turnout and attendance to the workshop.

He said this workshop is not a new initiative, but a continuity from the most recent one from which their shared inputs were extracted and consolidated into this final draft.

The Permanent Secretary further adds that this National Policy on Reintegration is sister related to the National Policy on Conflict Prevention and Human Rights (was formerly named Reparation Policy) that was already endorsed by Cabinet on April 2020; hence it is prioritized to having this final draft validated for its eventual submission to Cabinet as well.

He also informed them that equally to seeing the continual commitment of the current government to this policy endeavor, the broader aspect of this specific policy under the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) framework of the UN has been incrementally attained – especially the disarmament and demobilization component in past years.

Therefore, he said the focus now is on the reintegration component, which this National Policy on Reintegration will addressed. And simultaneously to provide the restorative pathway for all members of SIPCRRA to their full capacitated civil wellbeing in society – to be able to now propagate for peace, reconciliation and harmony.

The Permanent Secretary reiterated to the participants the purpose of this validation workshop and encouraged them to contribute fully to the draft policy, he added “Your contribution and collective agreement must be reached on this workshop today”.