Parliament ‘likely’ to resume in March


PARLIAMENT is expected to resume its meeting in March, says clerk David Kusilifu.

This follows Parliament session being in suspense after Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare moved the sine die motion last month.

Kusilifu said so far there is no detail of the meeting but it was hinted by Prime Minister’s Office to likely be in March.

He said under Standing Order 7, 3, the Governor General announces the date of the meeting after consultation with the Prime Minister.

“Our Prime Minister decided on the meet and informs the GG to make the announcement.

“When Parliament receives the notification, it gives 13 days’ notice to inform Members of Parliament of the sitting date,” he said.

However, Kusilifu said consultation has started but nothing concrete has come up with a Parliamentary calendar.

He said at the moment there is no Parliament calendar to know exactly when the meeting starts every year.

“In other countries, they have Parliamentary calendar.

“If we adopt one, by December last year, there should be a Parliament calendar ready for this year,” he said.

In 2019, Parliament was adjourned many times by the Prime Minister to allow work on bills and budget.

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