Overwhelming support towards Suidani tour of northern region

Suidani's awareness talk at Takwea market in Mbaelelea.
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COMMUNITIES in the Mbaelelea and Baegu Asifoloa constituencies have shown overwhelming support towards Premier Daniel Suidani’s recent awareness program to the northern region of Malaita province.

The awareness talk is the second phase of his awareness program to communities to inform people about the work of the provincial government.

The awareness tour began last Wednesday where Suidani and team visited the Urudao market, Abuisaia community, Suluone/Sasava market, Takwea market and Ata market.

In his addresses to the people during the tour, Suidani said the right and honorable thing for any government to do is to bring the government to the people they represent.

Premier Suidani receive by elders from Abuisaia during his awareness tour to their community last week..

He said only through meaningful engagement with the people that the government will see their need and discuss how they could work together to achieve them.

Suidani said being a government owned by the people is important to engage them on issues they need to know to make better decisions.

Issues that Suidani and his team had talked about and discussed with the people include, MARA government’s restorative economy policy, development aspirations of the province and the work of his government.

Members of communities within Sasava during the awareness talk at Suluone market.

Suidani also clarified other issues like MARA government’s stand on china, MP’s road construction in the province, MARA government’s stand against cross border voting, land court system, proposed political party, Auki communiqué and others.

Suidani, although met resistance at the Urudao market, people within the area had shown overwhelming support and were eager to learn from their government.

Similar sentiments was also received from people in other venues like; Abuisaia community, Suluone/Sasava market, Takwea market and Ata market where Suidani and team had visited.