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Student ‘seriously’ wounded in school, education ministry investigates


The Ministry of Education and Human Resources (MEHRD) will investigate a recent incident in which a grade-one student of St Nicholas primary was ‘seriously injured’.

This was after a parent of the student wrote to MEHRD Permanent Secretary (PS) raising disappointment, calling on MEHRD and Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) Education Authority to summon a special investigation on the incident.

According to the parent, his son and school mates were watering flower plants outside their classroom after class when the incident occurred.

“He and his schoolmates were watering flower plants outside their classroom after class on that day. He went to water sink near their class, saw a two-litre wine bottle in the water sink and used it as a scoop for watering their flowers.

“He refilled the wine bottle from the tap and on his return to the flower garden, just few meters from the tap, he fell down with the bottle beneath him, the bottle broke and cut his belly. He sustained severe injury on his belly, and was transported to the National Referral Hospital where was treated,” the parent said.

He then emailed MEHRD PS Dr Franco Rodie and raised the issue.

“I am seeking your authorization for a special inspection by a team within the MEHRD on St Nicholas School. I make this request as a concerned parent having learned of severe injuries of my son on Friday afternoon 4th, June 2021 within the school premises,” the parent said.

“Sir, I think the incident was a solemn concern to me and I seek if you could consider the safety of students at St Nicholas,” the email cited.

In response, Mr Rodie copied his responsible officers to explore the accident that caused harm to the student at St Nicholas School.

“The accident that your son was involved in at the school is regrettable. It seems there was no proper supervision on the part of the school management to ensure the safety of the students including your son. I am copying your email to Director of School Services and Deputy Secretary responsible for Education Authority and School Services for your noting and possible action based on the concerns you raised,” it cited.

In response to the PS, Director School Services copied the Director of School Review and Standards to visit and explore the incident at St Nicholas concerning the student’s harm.

According to the email thread sighted by Island Sun, St Nicholas School principal will be notified of the Ministry’s intervention to be made aware of MEHRD’s intent to explore to some extent how the accident occurred and what measures the school has in terms of safety of its students.

ACOM’s Education Authority’s Peter Pitia when called yesterday directed the paper to the School’s Secretary who was unable to be reached for comments. However, this paper is seeking comments on this matter with the school management.