One-link missing money report yet to be finalized


INVESTIGATIONS into the 300k exhibit money that went missing last year in police custody is yet to be finalized.

Assistant Police Commissioner Evelyn Thugea said the file is still with the Professional Standard Internal Investigation (PSII).

She said once PSII finalized the report, the file will be sent to the office of the Director Public Prosecution for viewing and an advice on the appropriate charge to be laid on the suspect.

Thugea said investigation is not easy and members of the public who complain about cases that are under investigation by PSII should contact the PSII and check on them about the cause of delay.

Previously police said the issue will be priority investigation for the Professional Standard Internal Investigation, thus a thorough investigation will be conducted looking at all avenues and how the money was missing from the exhibit facility and also look at the possible recovery of the missing money.

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