Former MP for Central Honiara, Moffat Fugui
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    Fugui pushes for government recognition as Israel’s capital in 100-day policy



    MEMBER of Parliament for Central Honiara, John Moffat Fugui has suggested recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to be in the government’s 100 days policy.

    Speaking during his contribution on the debate on the Speech from the throne delivered by the Governor General last Monday, Fugui said this would be fitting for Solomon Islands as a Christian country and a show of respect to United States under the watch of the Trump administration

    He said ‘this policy is not based on its purpose or diplomacy or diplomatic expediency in per say, rather it should be a diversion of their faith harnessed on divine as precedence’.

    Further to that, Fugui highlighted the need for bi-partisanship of Government, Opposition and Independent Group in improving the affairs of the country.

    “To improve our governing system, one cannot emphasise more the important of bi-partisanship so that MPs can put their best efforts to drive government policies.

    “With a few more young well educated and well prepared MPs, it would be profitable if we the government can encourage more bi-partisanship,” he said.

    Fugui said the essence of bi-partisanship is to encourage MPs on both sides of the house to be pure on common national agendas and government policies.

    He said the American system is ‘Government by the people’.

    “Bipartisanship leverages our skills, experience and exposures and education as MPs.

    “This is to inform and enhance the work program of the government of the day,” he said.

    Fugui said bi-partisanship builds colloquiality, sympathy and intimacy between MPs of both sides of the house.

    “It allows for collaborative debate, discussion, deliberation and learning.

    “Bi-partisanship helps to improve the style of governance we have in this age of internet and globalisation,” he said.

    Parliament has adjourned to Monday, August 26.