No Philippines flight until all students cleared here: Rodgers


SECOND repatriation flight for Solomon Islands students in the Philippines will be delayed until all students are cleared from the institutional quarantine facilities here.

Dr Jimmie Rodgers Secretary to Prime Minister and member of the Over Sight Committee uttered this yesterday in a radio talkback show on covid-19 updates.

“Philippines second repatriation flight will be delayed till all our students in the quarantine stations are discharged as those who be repatriated on the second flight will be using the same quarantine facilities,” said Rodgers.

He said since the country recorded confirmed cases of covid-19 all male students quarantined at the Chengs have been separated. The low risk students have been moved to another facility whilst the high-risk ones are left to complete their quarantine period at Chengs.  

“Due to positive cases being identified at Chengs quarantine station the number of quarantined days for male students has been extended for them to comply with and they will only graduate if none of them detected positive again before the release date,” said Rodgers.

He said for females they are being looked after at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort (GBR).  

“All females to date none of them has been tested positive. Once they completed the number of quarantined days, they will be released,” Rodgers said.

In terms of those who are currently in the quarantine stations, as of yesterday a total of 105 people in quarantine – this includes Solomon Islands students from the Philippines and number of ADF.

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