No discrimination at Gizo Market: Maeta


THE Market Manager of Gizo Market has warned vendors that discrimination is not allowed at the market.

He made the call following his administration’s decision to allow vendors to sell cooked food at the market last week.

Moffat Maeta said vendors must share the services to earn money to help their needs.

“We welcomed those who are not properly trained on food catering to sell their products and I call on those who are trained not to discriminate others at the market.

“It has come to our attention in the previous years that some women are abused by other women forcing the victims to stop selling their products at the market.

“This call is to make sure vendors come together and sell their products freely or without discrimination,” he said.

Maeta also calls on vendors to be responsible in working after the Market’s facilities and properties so that services will continue to be provided.

“If they pay for chairs or other things that belongs to the market, please return them to where they should be stored before leaving the market so that you can use the resources the next day.

“Our market provides us the opportunity to earn money as such we need to work together,” he said.

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