Ngati: review of city act will not change Honiara

REVIEW of the Honiara City Act will not drastically change the image of the city.

Vura ward Councilor, Reginald Ngati stated this after the city is facing road issues, traffic congestion, unregulated businesses and others.

Ngati said there are other relevant legislations that go inline with the HCC Act to make Honiara a better city.

These include legislations in Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Telecommunication, Water and others.

As such, Ngati said the HCC Act should be amended to accommodate provisions of other relevant Acts into one legislation.

He said this will make the HCC Act more proactive when enforcing rules in the City.

Further to that, Ngati said at the moment, the HCC Act is weak to address all the issues in the City because its arms are short.

Therefore, Ngati said if the review of the HCC Act is going to take so much time, amendment is a best solution.

Island Sun understand the Ministry of Home Affairs is currently reviewing the HCC Act to accommodate some of the issues facing the Council.

One of the them increasing the allowances of HCC councilors after they were paid with $1000-$2000 range.

According to Ngati, non-Executive Councilors are paid $1,325 fortnightly, while those holding Chairmanship receive $1,500 and Deputy Mayor $1,900 plus.

Luckily, the fortnight allowances of the councilors are tax free.

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