New PS for Malaita soon

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DISCUSSION is underway to recruit a new Provincial Secretary (PS) for Malaita province.

Deputy Provincial Secretary, David Filia Tuita confirmed this to the paper yesterday, adding the issue is now with the provincial executive of Malaita province.

He said as notified from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthen (MPGIS), the ministry wanted to get the views of the executive on the matter.

Tuita said this is where the matter is and as long as the Provincial Government advises the ministry on their decision, the recruitment processes will begin.

“So soon we are expecting a new PS to head the administration of the province,” he said.

Tuita also stressed the importance of filling up the PS position which was left vacant after the departure of the former PS, Mr Fredrick Faabasua.

He said the position is very crucial not only in the administration affairs of the province, but also it contributes to the required assessment under the PCDF program.

Tuita said his office also learned that other provinces are faced with similar issues and had their PSs interviewed and taken up position.

Tuita said the province needs the PS position to be filled to lead the administration of the province with the support of his office.