New Malaita govt announces plan to reconcile with national govt


THE new government of Malaita has announced it will reconcile with the national government.

Malaita New Government for Fundamental Redirection (MNGFR) Premier Martin Gaote’e Fini announced this during his budget speech yesterday.

He said it is part of his government’s strategic intervention (2), that is to rebuild confidence with SIG/DCGA, donors and people of Malaita province.

The objective of the reconciliation is to regain confidence and resolve the long-standing stand-off between DCGA and Malaita province, he said. 

“After this assembly meeting, my new government (MNGFR) will organize a reconciliation ceremony to resolve the long-standing stand-off between DCGA and Malaita Province that had direct effect on the donors and other development partners.

“Our objective is to regain the confidence and trust that has been destroyed within the three years.

“My new government (MNGFR) will continue to work in close collaboration with the national government, donor partners and other development partners to achieve our goals in this 11th hour,” Fini said.

According to Fini, his government is about Inclusiveness.

“It is about working together.

“It is about ordinary people working with their elected government for the purpose of addressing pressing needs in our communities.

“It is about re-establishing links with the national government, other provinces and donors. No one can walk the development road alone.

“It calls for all hands-on deck,” he said.

Fini also explained that their intention to take up government was not inspired by a desire to grab power.

He said their intention based on conviction that this great province of Malaita can be great again.

“Our intention is to restore Malaita’s image, pride and leadership role in the affairs of our nation through partnership with MEDI, MPGIS, key ministries and important development partners.

“As the new Premier, I am convinced that this redirection policy will make our province to regain its rightful place and continue to contribute to the betterment of our society.

“In other words, we acted on our conviction that this great province of Malaita can be rescued even at the 11th hour” Fini said.

He said that MNGFR is determined to restore Malaita’s image through its flagship policy of “fundamental redirection policy”.

“We believe that in pursuing this policy initiative, Malaita can be great again,” premier said.

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