The Multi purpose hall used as a field hospital.
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THE New Zealand (MFAT) funded Multipurpose Hall upgrade project is expected to be officially opened next month.

Honiara City Council (HCC) Head of Sports Division Fox Henry Qwaina confirmed yesterday saying the official opening is put down for the last week of February 2022.

Qwaina had revealed last year that a number of upgrades will be done to the existing sports facilities around the Hall and the gym facilities.

The upgrade project had seen the Multipurpose Hall extended east wards while a Youth Center, a performance stage plus a futsal and tennis court were built west of the Multipurpose Hall.

“There is the football court there. The open netball courts and basketball courts will be upgraded. The old gym inside will be replaced with a new set of necessary gym equipment which the project from New Zealand MFAT will be financing,” Qwaina explained.

“The eastern end of the Hall there is also plans to create a catering or restaurant area there that can help my division make money for the good of women, youths and sports.

“The futsal area there will have enough space to cater for two right sized lawn tennis courts when no futsal competitions are happening.

“New gym space and the Youth Hub at the western end there is also the performance center there which can be used by music and cultural groups to their performances,” he adds.

Qwaina meanwhile confirmed that the new gym at the eastern end of the Multipurpose Hall has welcomed its new sets of gym equipment’s which were set up inside the gym yesterday.