MTGPEA commences review

MTGPEA staff group photo at the workshop
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The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs has commenced its scoping workshop towards a broader review process of its Human Resources Development Plan (HRDP) 2013-2017.

The review was held on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 at the Rock Haven conference room.

The workshop was held internally for the Ministry staff with presentations from the Ministry of Public Service and Solomon Islands Tertiary and Skills Authority.

Speaking at the official opening of the workshop, Permanent Secretary, Peter Mae conveyed his appreciation to all staff for attending the HRDP review scoping workshop.

 “Your presence continues to demonstrate our corporate effort towards the implementation of the ministry’s key priority activities for 2021 – for which this said review scoping in this workshop is part of”.

Group work at the HRDP workshop policy planning division

 The Permanent Secretary also acknowledged the efforts of past officers who were instrumental in leading and facilitating the developing process and the completion of this HRDP 2013-2017, which is the first Human Resource Development Plan of the ministry.

 Cabinet in early 2013 endorsed the said HRDP and was amongst the first few ministries at that time to have such a strategic pathway in building and strengthening the intellectual capacity of the ministry.

 He also highlighted that with the current Ministry’s HRDP, the Ministry has made progress and attainment in the building and strengthening of its intellectual capacity and program development.

PS Peter Mae deliver his openning remark at the MTGPEA HRDP review workshop

Few of these are the establishment of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI), the establishment of the research capability framework with SINU Research department, undertaking professional peacebuilding upskilling trainings in New Zealand, Philippines, the Eastern Mennonite University in US and long-term academic studies at USP and SINU by its staff.

He further highlighted that given the newly emerging social, economic and political challenges at the national, regional and international level, this has given the need for competency and resilience of the ministry including the importance to keep relevant and the ability to act rightly in the midst of these compounding impacts and shifts, and to the furthest extent to effectively deliver its functions and mandate and as well for a well-resourced and equipped workforce.

Group presentation at the HRDP workshop

The Permanent Secretary further reiterated to all attending officers that this is an opportunity and to draw our acts together and map out for the next four or so years on how the ministry can be seen as futuristic in its institutional and ethical obligation and aspirations including the development of its workforce in order to keep relevant and competent.

And further so, encouraged all the attending staff to render their most valuable and resourceful inputs and to provoke meaningful discussions in this review scoping workshop in order to collaboratively reach a well-represented and realistic reviewed Human Resources Development Plan for the next four years.