MPG prioritizes education, health and agriculture as key initiatives under its 2024/2025 budget


Malaita provincial government prioritizes education, health and agriculture sectors as key initiatives under its 2024/2025 original budget.

Minister for Finance and Treasury under Malaita provincial government, Hon Lemuel Kevianga announced this during the start of the full assembly that is currently in Auki.

“I also want to affirm to my honourable colleagues some Key Initiatives for 2024/2025.

  • Malaita Education Excellence Program (MEEP) – A comprehensive initiative aimed at improving the quality of education in the province. This includes the construction of new schools, provision of modern teaching aids, and extensive training for educators.
  • Rural Health Expansion Project – Focused on expanding healthcare services to remote areas, ensuring every Malaitans has access to quality healthcare.
  • Agricultural Innovation and Support Scheme – Designed to boost agricultural productivity through the introduction of modern farming techniques, provision of high-quality seeds and equipment, and access to financial services for farmers.

Since the inception of the PCDF program in 2007, Malaita province government has implemented number of school infrastructure projects such as classrooms, staffs, etc…

Under the similar program, Malaita province has also implemented number of healthcare infrastructure projects such as clinics, staff houses and sanitations in rural communities in the province.

Agriculture sector is one of the sectors Malaita provincial government has supported under the PCDF program. The recent support is the funding of machineries for Obafau cattle farm project in Central Kwara’ae.

Apart from these, Malaita provincial government has also been supporting communities in the province with projects under other sectors such as climate change, economic empowerment and etc…

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