MPG delegation in Honiara


A Malaita provincial government delegation is in Honiara for talks with government agencies on areas of capacity strengthening for the province.

The four-man team is led by Deputy Premier Joe Hero’au.

They include provincial minister for finance, Randol Sifoni, minister for planning, Elijah Asilaua and MPG Chief Planning officer (CPO), Mr Peter Herehura.

In an interview with Mr Hero’au prior to their departure yesterday, he said the delegation will be in Honiara to hold talks on a number of areas the province is facing.

Hero’au said during the visit, they will meet with the policy team under PMO as well as hold dialogue with responsible government ministries on national projects in the province.

He said the delegation will also meet with the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthen (MPGIS) on other outstanding issues the province is bearing.

Hero’au adds, issues such as Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF), Ward Development Grant (WDG), the Provincial Secretary and legal advisor posts for Malaita and others.

Moreover, he said they will try to reestablish relations between Malaita provincial government and the national government.

Asked whether one of the objectives of the mission is to strike a deal with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) through the national government, he responded “no”.

Hero’au reaffirmed that the China deal, as rumours have it in Auki, is not part of the agenda for their dialogue with the national government.

He reiterated that the dialogue will only be on issues the province is currently facing and some of its outstanding issues mentioned.

Hero’au said this is important so that feedbacks could be presented by the premier on the floor of assembly during the assembly meeting proposed for next week.

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