Ministers told to lead with integrity

Governor General Sir David Vunagi
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GOVERNOR General Sir David Vunagi has encouraged and reminded ministers of the Crown to discharge their constitutional mandate with integrity and   statesmanship.  

Delivering his Speech from the Throne in Parliament yesterday, Sir David said “the future  of our   beloved country  depends  on  your  sound judgement and  vision in  leading our  country forward into  the  future.

“I pray that you will rise to the occasion and deliver on your policies for the good of this country,” he said.

Likewise, GG  also   encourages  the Leader  of  the Official Opposition as  the   leader  of  the   alternative government, to  exercise the  check and   balance  functions of the  Opposition Office in  a rigorous but  responsible  and ethical    manner.   

Sir David said the Official  Opposition   plays    an important  Constitutional  role  in  ensuring  that   the Government held   accountable,  transparent   and   attentive in   its    decision  making   and    in   the    discharge   of   its constitutional   mandate   in   leading  and    governing  our people.

By the  same token, GG encourages the  Leader of the Independent  Group to  continue  with the   good work that done  so   far   in   representing   a  balanced  and constructive view on national issues of public interest.

Sir David said the Office of the Leader of the Independent is a Constitutional Office that is independent of both the government and the office of the opposition.

“It is  my  prayer that   you  continue to   advocate  for   the   national  interest  by   independently discharging  the   functions  of  your  office without  fear   or favour whilst ensuring  that   both the  Government and  the Official Opposition are  held   accountable  in  the  discharge of their constitutional  mandate.

Furthermore, Sir David encouraged all   members of   the    National Parliament to discharge their constitutional mandate without fear or favour.

He said this is an overwhelming and ethical responsibility that   needs sound guidance, ethical leadership and requires a clear vision.

“I trust that you will discharge your duties with due diligence and integrity.”