Metropolis refutes mass lay-off claims


Metropolis Pacific PTE LTD has refuted out at a social media post saying the company had laid-off a big number of staff.

It was claimed in the social media that a large number of staff were laid-off as of July 31.

But responding to this, the company’s General Manager William Ling said they are not aware of the lay-off claims in the social media.

“We (The Company) are not aware of the laid-off claims in the social media.

“We do believe that those are purely jealousy, we can’t stop people who are born for jealousy.

“They just cannot accept people are doing well and try their very best to destroy others in the social media because social media is costless and can satisfy them somehow.  Pray for them,” he said.

He said the company currently has 68 expatriates and about 120 local workers currently working at the new city at Mamara.

“I hope the media can be responsible for what has been established in newspapers and not create any confusion to the general public as what has been done in the social media,” Mr Ling said.

He said Metropolis Pacific PTE LTD is a Singapore registered company, who signed the Mamara Tasivarongo Mavo Development Agreement with the Solomon Islands Government.

“Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd is a SI registered company, wholly owned by Metropolis Pacific PTE LTD,” Ling adds.

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