Mayor resists call for him to resign

Elections would be held to replace the Lord Mayor of Honiara City Council Wilson Mamae.
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HONIARA city mayor Wilson Mamae has labelled calls for him and City Clerk Rence Sore to resign as “nothing more than political stunt orchestrated by those who oppose his good works”.  

Mamae was responding to Honiara resident Stephen Maki.

He claimed this is not a new call, but one that has been repeated in the media to advance their political agendas and interest to rubbish the good works of the Council under his leadership.

Mamae described Maki’s call as misleading and tarnishing his reputation with ‘unfounded allegations’ against the HCC administration and the City Clerk.

He said Maki needs to provide legal documents to prove the allegations among other reports stated in his article.

“What Maki continues to do here is mislead the public with the same old story.”

Mamae also lashed out at comments calling for the Clerk and him to resign for the sake of their integrity.

“I understand that the City Mayor can only be ousted by a Motion of No Confidence.

“City Clerk can only be removed by the Full Council.

“Maki has not fully understood the whole concept and functions of the HCC administration, and he is trying to bark in the media without a proper legal document to prove all his accusations against us.

“I know ‘Maki’, a pen name has been spreading misleading information about what my Administration is doing right now.

“I ask him to approach my office and let’s talk and do the right thing to discuss his problem rather than quickly going over to the media. 

“I can confirm to you that their idea is to tarnish HCC and its officials, to distract us from what we are mandated to do.”

Mamae said he has explained his response to the HCC saga in the media already and looks forward to working with all councillors to move the executive’s plans for the city.

The Mayor however, was tight-lipped over the issues raised against the council yesterday.

These include the controversial fire extinguisher deal, the illegal $1.8 million borrowings, and other issues raised against his leadership.

Meanwhile, the Mayor has insisted that those who politicise the HCC saga and the desperate Stephen Maki to go to the Leadership Codes Commissioner with all their allegations.

He insisted that they have nothing to do with the issues raised.