MASI commends PM Manele’s commitment to transparency through regular media engagement

THE Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) commends Prime Minister

Jeremiah Manele’s commitment to fostering transparency and accountability through regular engagement with the media.

His pledge to hold regular press conferences, as highlighted in Monday’s “Meet the Press” session, sets a commendable precedent for government communication.

In his address, Prime Minister Manele emphasised the vital role of the media in

keeping the nation informed about the government’s plans and activities.

MASI acknowledges and fully supports the Government for National Unity and

Transformation’s initiative, emphasizing that access to timely and accurate

information is fundamental to a thriving democracy.

In an era of rising misinformation and disinformation, clear communication is


Journalists, guided by a strict code of ethics and a commitment to objectivity, stand apart from social media users who often share views based on either too much or too little knowledge, with emotions clouding judgement due to biased opinions.

The media serves as a critical link between the government and the public, ensuring accountability and transparency.

As the fourth estate of democracy, journalists serve as a crucial bridge between the government and the people, especially in the absence of parliamentary sittings.

Prime Minister Manele’s initiative to enhance communication with the press demonstrates a commitment to keeping citizens informed, particularly during periods when parliamentary sessions are suspended.

“An informed public is better equipped to engage in constructive dialogue, make

informed decisions and hold leaders accountable, all of which contribute to a robust


MASI encourages senior public office holders in a position to respond to media queries to follow the Prime Minister’s example by engaging with journalists and responding to their queries in a professional and timely manner.

“It is imperative for public officials to recognize their duty to the citizens of this country and uphold their right to access information on matters of national interest, whether contentious or not,” said MASI.


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