Marovo communities mark Christmas in style


COMMUNITIES in Marovo Lagoon, Western Province have celebrated Christmas in style.

Boats were decorated with Christmas colors and paraded the lagoon on Christmas Day.

In a brief comment to Island Sun Gizo, Don Harry Kereseka Report said that the event was held to mark a special event so dear to the communities called the Sea Festival.

He said the festival which started back in 2017 has attracted families and friends who work and live in other parts of the country so as overseas to return home every Christmas to be part of the festival.

A glimpse of the Sea Festival at Marovo Lagoon

Kereseka said the festival aimed to unite communities and at the same time gave an opportunity for people to reflect in search of better approach to live in harmony.

“But basically it’s a one high light to open up sea festive and Christmas game. The sea festival parade hem been on for years now since 2017 and gain popularity.

“It raise interest for families and even friends to return home where everyone look forward like every other communities around the country too.

Another boat decorated with Christmas color ready for the parade

“The aim is to unit and have our community live a harmonious living with us and also with diverse of people we have through intermarriage and also friends invited to come home,” he said.

Kereseka said the organizers are looking at hosting a bigger event in the future.

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