MARA gov’t supports community governance

(L-R) Provincial speaker, Hon Ronnie Butala, acting Premier, Hon Nelson Lenty, PS MPGIS, Mr Stanley Dick Pirione and Head Chief of Ambu community, Chief William Richardson in front of the newly
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THE MARA government has uttered support of community governance through the operation of Community Governance and Grievance Management Project (CGGMP) in Malaita province.

The support is shown in the enhancement of the project this year in Malaita through their partnership with the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) and the World Bank.

Acting premier Nelson Lenty, during the launch of Ambu’s community bylaw on Friday, said since the introduction of the project to the province communities are reaping its impact.

He said MARA government’s policy in governance is clear in supporting local communities being self-reliant and having a stronger community which have strong-based economic activities.

“Having community bylaw is one strategy to clear all anti-social behaviors and manage crimes in our communities. As a result our communities become free violence and communities can focus on economic development.

Guests attending the launching of Ambu bylaw at Ambu village.

“And I must thank CGGMP project in liaising with community leaders to have bylaws in communities throughout Malaita province and now in Ambu,” Lenty said.

He pointed out that the importance of bylaw is witnessed nowadays in societies which do not have laws and therefore do not practise them; “everywhere people are going away from accepted social standard and are doing their own things that is harmful.

“Deviance is about going against authority and breaking rules that authority puts. Therefore the bylaw is here to guide us to certain standards for our social and spiritual wellbeing.

“Peace comes when we are violence free, tension free and justice established and all are happy,” Lenty said.

He said the community of Ambu was established by the Church, and is only fitting that the community have bylaws to protect the interest of the church and those who are supporting the church.

“The impact of this bylaw program under the CGGMP will help families, communities and the province to live in peace, unity and progress together.”

Lenty said the successful implementation of the CGGMP in the province is a manifestation of collaborative work between communities, provincial and national governments.

He acknowledged church leaders, Ambu village committee, CGGMP and all stakeholders that made the launching of Ambu bylaw has successfully eventuate.