Manelusi hold talks with Gizo inmates

Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi delivered his remarks for GCC inmates witnessed by GCC Commandant supt Joseph Teraka (left) and his Deputy commandant Inspector Harry Ama(right)
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COMMISSIONER of the Correctional Service Solomon Islands, Gabriel Manelusi has held talks with inmates at the Gizo Correctional Service during his official visit to the Western Province recently.

The presentation by Commissioner Manelusi relates to updates on the progression and feedbacks on matters raised to his office during previous visits to the Centre.

“I also encourage all of us, brother inmates your mission and my mission for 2021, is how can you and I change the world to better or change our community or family better, so that you and I enjoy the life and our purpose in this earth and to ensure our country and our community are safe, enjoyable and peaceful”, Manelusi told inmates.

“The key message I like to reinforce and encourage each of us is your mission and my mission on conditions to see God. How can you and I see God, we need to seek God, we need to turn from our old ways and we need to live a Holy life, since all our doings are recorded in the kingdom of God”

Gizo inmates putting on their beautiful song after their skit presentation

He adds that their mission and his is to heal the heart and mind before they can change the world.

“We need to change first in our life before we can change others.

He encouraged every Convict and Remand Inmates of GCC to respect the law, respect the Correctional Centres properties, respect Correctional Officers and respect each other as we progress together for the future of this organization, God bless you and God bless our Nation, Solomon Islands.

Inmates’ representative delivered the message on the topic Repentance and Forgiveness during the Commissioners official visit at Gizo correction

Meanwhile GCC inmates displayed encouragement skits on the topic “Repentance and Forgiveness” and also sounding a wonderful song title “Lord lift me up”

Gizo Correctional Centre said it will continue to strive to achieve its obligations despite challenges faced and will continue to improve, strengthen and implement positive changes as we progress the future of our organization, according to GCC Commandant supt Joseph Teraka.