Manaoba mini hospital nears completion



THE people in ward 12 in Lau Baelelea constituency in north east Malaita will soon benefit from their Manaoba mini-hospital project at Manaoba Island.

A visit to the project at Manaoba on Friday last week by Island Sun in Auki confirmed that the project is in its completion stages.

Member for ward 12 and minister for local governance and community development, Fred Wai, said the mini hospital project is his long term priority plan for his people in ward 12 in Lau Baelelea constituency.

“It is my dream for my people to introduce such initiatives as such difficulties experienced in the past due to transportation to other clinics and other area health centers for medical attentions.

“Since I came into power in 2015 as ward member for ward 12, we struggled with this project to capitalise funds towards this project and now we are reaching the final stages of this project.

“This is the first ever project implemented for the people of Manaoba and the surrounding communities where it shows green light to my people.

“Within these five months in office for the Malaita provincial assembly to dissolve I believe the Mini hospital will be completed and hopefully it will be officially handed over soon to my people in Ward 12.”

The mini hospital will serve every community within ward 12 and surrounding communities regarding health services.

At the moment the final touches of the newly built building is yet to be done with few materials are needed for the finishing stages including paints, louvre glasses and frames and timbers for inner walling of the building.

This project is funded under the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) under the Malaita provincial government for respective wards in Malaita province.

Wai calls on the responsible authority to step in with assistance “as we struggle to implement this project to save the life of our people”.

He also calls on the people in ward12 to “continue with their working together especially in community development in our especially with our heartfelt needs”.

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