Manakwai High School successfully closes 2021

Manakwai CHS Graduands
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A total of 57 students from years 6, 9 and 11 have graduated at Manakwai Community High School.

This year’s programme was hosted under the theme “Developing Learners For Better Future Through Education”.

Principal Mr Norman Baeramo, addressing the occasion, said the school comprised primary and secondary sectors.

In the Primary sector, 146 student students with 10 teachers with the help of five Distance and Flexible Learning (DFL) student teachers.

“The Manakwai Primary School sector started in 1991. This program marks the 30th year of the primary sector.”

The secondary sector enrolls 128 students with 11 teachers along with four additional teachers on special arrangement by the school board of management. The Manakwai Community High School sector started in 1998.

According Baeramo, the school achieved very little with school infrastructure; nevertheless, they concentrated more on the student’s academic development.

The primary sector however recently received a new classroom block which is now used by the students. The supply of electricity was already connected to the classroom building.

Form 5 Dux award recipient Leeland Watson

“Developing learners for better future through education is a process full of discoveries and surprises. When the learners have and equip themselves with the right knowledge, skills, support and environment, it’s amazing what they can produce.

“Education is not an easy journey. Each year is different and 2021 is no exception. Some of us have gone through and have come to a crossroad and there is a need to think and decide which way to go from here.

The parents were told by the Principal that the best thing to spend on their children is time.

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided them. Your children will become who you are; so be what you want them to be.”

The Principal made some recommendations to the Education Authority and Ministry. He wishes to see a fair distribution of subject teachers to each school according to the specialized subject areas. He also recommends that the current school establishment of eleven teachers be increased to fifteen. He finally highlighted the need for the school to be given the opportunity to have a form 6 arts.

The 2021 Dux Prizes

Year 9 -Hudson Selwyn

Year 11 -Leeland Watson