Man gets five years for assault

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A man has received a jail sentence of five months after court found him guilty of one count of assault causing actual bodily harm.

Rockson Filiga was charged in relation to an incident at a village in Russell in which he punched another man over a Bluetooth speaker on May 10, 2021.

The court heard that the victim returned from his garden and found his Bluetooth speaker missing; he then told his nephew to look for it.

The nephew went to the seaside and saw the accused drunk with the speaker; the victim told his nephew to go and bring back the speaker.

After the nephew had brought the speaker back, the accused came to the victim’s kitchen, and saw the victim. He then punched him.

The victim sustained injuries to his left eye and his lower lips.

Principal Magistrate Leonard Chite said such offences are not accepted by the law of this country, and the maximum penalty is five years imprisonment.

Chite also said since such offences are not tolerated in the communities, law makers make laws to protect the citizens of this country and put tough penalties, but each case depends on its nature of offending.

He told Filiga yesterday that people in the communities do not deserve to be treated unfairly or being assaulted by somebody.

“Everyone should be treated with respect and not to allow anyone to just come and assault them, unless you are inside a boxing ring or wrestling before you punch anybody out of your own will,” Chite said.

Chite told Filiga to refrain from his ‘bully type’ attitude after he served his sentence and be a good citizen of the country.

 “You are a young man and have lot to learn and explore in life, and you must aware that fighting, taking alcohol and bullying does not do you any good,” Chite reminded Filiga.

Police Prosecution Service appears for prosecution