Malaita’s CLO interviews next week

Coordinator of CGGM Programme for Malaita province, Mr Emmanuel Maesua.
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Malaita provincial government will short-list candidates for its community liaisons officer (CLO) programme starting next week.

This will be done through the Community Governance Grievance Management Project (CGGMP).

Coordinator for CGGMP in Malaita province, Mr Emmanuel Maesua confirmed to this paper yesterday preparation is underway for the interviews which will begin on Tuesday, June 1.

Maesua said Ward Development Committees (WDC) had spent the past weeks sifting through all the applications and now his office has received the final short-listed candidates for interview.

He said also in regards to the short listing process, WDCs for 11 wards in the province had made direct appointment of CLOs for their wards while another 22 wards short listed candidates for interview.

“For these 22 wards, two teams, one will cover northern and eastern regions and another team will cover central and southern regions for the interview on Tuesday next week.

“The interview process will take us two weeks as it involve logistic and other efforts to facilitate interviews in provincial substations and hope to complete it and notify selected candidates week later,” Maesua said.

He said for phase II of the CGGM project, MPG has agreed to recruit 63 candidates, two CLOs per ward for 30 wards on mainland Malaita and three CLOs for three wards in Malaita Outer Islands (MOI).

However, Maesua explained that for now, MPG will only support 33 CLOs despite their recommendation for 63 CLOs, so the project will take onboard 33 CLOs for the start.

He said MPG has asked CGGMP to support them with the remaining 30 CLOs, so the project will identify them during the interview and reserve them until when funds are available for the project.

Maesua said this is the phase II of the CGGM Project in the province after phase I has expired around October 2020.

Since then the project was held until a five months extension has begun on December 2020 – April 2021 which already lapsed last months and extended for another two months until June 2021.