Malaita still repaying debt, $3.4m left



THE Malaita provincial government is still repaying debt the previous government had incurred.

This was highlighted by the provincial Minister for Finance and Treasury Division during his speech on the commencement of Malaita full assembly meeting on Monday this week.

Nelson Lenty said the remaining amount to be paid is $3.4 million.

He said the province has got itself in a vicious cycle of borrowing and overdraft in the past years.

“I must thank the previous executive to immediately put a stop to his practice during the last house.

“And this current government is committed to reduce, if not clear the outstanding payments estimated to be around $3.4million.

“I’m aware and reminded of the outstanding payment for PAYE and withholding taxes the province has not faithful to pay for in the recent years,” Lenty said.

He reiterated that this current government is committed to repaying the debt, and they have already started repaying it.

The assembly meeting was adjourned yesterday at lunch for 9am today to allow time for the executive to meet with the minister for MEHRD who is currently in Auki with his delegation.

Yesterday the full assembly debated the speech of the premier and today debate will be on the speech of the provincial minister for finance and treasury.

The full assembly meeting will take the whole of this week until Friday.

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