Malaita soon to have children desk office

Group activity during a meeting conducted by a team from Ministry of Women (MWYCFA) with stakeholders and MPAC last week in Auki. The meeting is in preparation to establish a Children Desk office under MPG.
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The Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs is working closely with the Malaita province government to establish a Children’s Desk office in Auki.

This is the first for the province to have an office charged with children’s affairs and promote advocacy for children’s rights in the province.

A team from MWYCFA visited Auki last week consulting various stakeholders as part of preparations to incorporate plans for the establishment of the office.

MWYCFA’s Provincial Desk Coordinator for Malaita, Isabel and Central provinces, Donnie Saelea said the whole effort came as part of the plan of the ministry to establish a children’s desk office in the province.

He said in doing so, the ministry created Malaita Provincial Advisory Committee (MPAC) which comprises of various stakeholders in the province to lobby with MPG for the establishment of the office.

“The team is here to consult with stakeholders and align action plans require from responsible offices to support the operation of the children’s desk office when operates,” Saelea said.

He said upon report from the advisory committee and Save the Children, MPG agreed to take onboard the child desk office for the province.

The understanding now is, Saelea explained that MPG will house the officer under the Women, Youth and Sports desk and Save the Children will be responsible for the officer’s salary.

He said based on the understanding, in the future the office will be absorbed into Malaita’s provincial system.

Saelea said recruitment of the officer has been done and awaiting formalities.