Malaita sets aside $660K for celebrations



MALAITA provincial executive has agreed on allocating a budget of $660,000 for the Malaita 2nd Appointed Day celebration which will falls on 15th August 2021.

The Deputy Premier, Randol Sifoni confirmed that to Sun Auki on Tuesday.

He confirmed that this is the budget that the provincial executive has agreed on for the celebration, as this year’s celebration will be held at the ward level.

Sifoni clarified that the intention of the MARA government is to bring celebrations to the people at the ward level for people in rural communities to feel part of the event rather than hosting it in Auki every year.

He said this was also announced by premier Daniel Suidani in his speech during last year’s celebration in Auki.

Sifoni explained that prior to agreeing to the current budget of $660,000, the Provincial government had only budgeted $100,000 for this year’s provincial 2nd appointed day under its provincial budget.

He said the executive has looked in the budget (100k) and if it is to be shared among the 33 MPAs, they will only receive $3,000 per head which is not enough.     

 “Considering that, the executive found ways to improve the budget and during the recent executive meeting an agreement was made to improve the budget.

“The increase was improvement from $3000 per MPA from the previous budget to $20,000 for each 33 MPA under the recently passed budget,” Sifoni said.

He said the MPAs had already received their first installment of their $20,000 each to prepare them for the celebration.

Sifoni said MPAs will receive the second installment ahead of the celebration and will complete the issuing out of the allocated money.

He said the funds issued to MPAs was purposely for them to organize with communities in their wards.

The acting premier is Honiara after joining colleague leaders in attending the recent Guadalcanal 2nd Appointed Day celebration held at Marau Sound and has left for the Makira Ulawa province yesterday for the MUP 2nd Appointed Day Celebration.

He is expected back in the province by Friday this week ahead of the Malaita 2nd Appointed Day celebration on 15th August.

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