Malaita secures future

Suidani’s government passes 30-year master plan to develop and safeguard province against climate change



THE Malaita provincial government (MPG) has passed a 30-year master plan aimed at developing the province and securing it against climate change.

A major part of the plan focuses on the development of the provincial capital, Auki.

The other part of the plan encompasses the development of the rest of Malaita, which the provincial government will undertake in collaboration with its development partners.

The well-known Bina Harbour area, which was a hotspot for failed promises by the national government, is one area under this Plan to develop.

Premier Daniel Suidani recently said that under the Planning Act, MPG is responsible for “the master planning of the Bina area”.

“I am glad to say that MPG has recognized Bina Processing Plant and had already passed a resolution for the master planning of Auki provincial town,” he said.

The premier said the master plan is to prepare the province for 2050 and for any massive climate change impact or effect that may happen during the period and beyond.

He said the 30-yr plan document recognises the following:

1) Climate change displacement of peoples both national and International

2) Food security and jobs are key for social stability

3) That all the issues are connected and need clear thinking in advance and that

4) The master planning process is starting now.

Suidani said with that the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government gives very high regard to appropriate and meaningful engagements. This is why MPG recognises that coordination is key.

“It recognized that coordination is critical with line ministries and SOEs to ensure development activities are properly supported.

“And that required services are part of the development scheme.

“For instance, water supply for Bina will be a big investment by donors/or Solomon Water.

“The planning of water supply lines and waste processing will determine the wellbeing of not just Bina Tuna Plant, but also wider area around Bina.

“The laying of water lines will be the basis of the future creation of residential and commercial areas in the region,” he said.

Suidani said in a similar way, power supply is critical for Bina development and the Auki Bina corridor.

“It is therefore the wish of my people of Malaita that power must be cheap.

“And as such MPG is intending to ensure that power in Malaita is no more than SND1.50 a unit.

“We are willing to hold discussions with donors on how to ensure this take place,” he said.

Suidani reiterated that the plan values coordination with MPG for development of Malaita province and its people.

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