Malaita a green province: Mai-Maasina

Reforestation of Kauri tree species in the highlands of Central Kwara’ae
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MAI-MAASINA Green Belt (MMGB) has thanked the Malaita provincial government for helping promote green development in the province.

Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government is one of MMGB’s regulatory partners.

Solomon Islands Rangers-General Secretary and MMGB Vice Chairman, Mr Eddie Huitarau said MARA is one of their partners and they’ve been working cooperatively since beginning their relationship.

He told this paper yesterday that one of their collaborative successes was passing an ordinance by MARA government to stop logging activities above 400 metres altitude in Malaita province.

Huitarau said the ordinance is an advantage that will pave way for MMGB’s programmes under the Sky Island project as other partners are also working on similar projects in the country.

He said under the Sky island project, MMGB and MARA Gov’t had worked together to make sure a piece of legislation is eventuated in the province to protect the project.

In this effort, Huitarau said a Malaita Moratorium Memorandum (MMM) was gazetted in February this year as an ordinance to stop logging operation above 400m in the province.

He said next month, MMGB will roll out four projects in the province and one of them is Sky Island project as advertisements for people to carry out the project already issued.

Huitarau said this is part of MMGB’s development to support conservation initiative with its affiliated members in Are Are and Kwaio regions in the province and the whole province.

Meanwhile, he thanked MPG and its regulatory partners, aid donors and other partners for cooperation and supporting MMGB to move forward with its work to promote conservation in the province.