Mala youth desk looks forward for GNUT to prioritize propose youth hub for Malaita


MALAITA provincial government through its Youth Desk is hopeful for the Manele led GNUT government to prioritize the proposed youth hub project for Malaita province.

The project was part of the development plan of Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA) for Malaita and step toward its implementation had already taken.

In 2022, a MOU on the project was signed between MWYCFA and Malaita provincial government with $5 million budget for the project.

The project, which supposed to implement on the subsequent year wasn’t eventuate due to budget constraint faced by national government during that time.

In February this year, both parties resigned the initial MOU with a new and reduced budget of $3 million from the original $5 million.

The resigning of the MOU according to Malaita Youth Coordinator, Mr Francis Samo demonstrated national government’s commitment on the province.

He said his office through MPG is also committed on this milestone project for the province. He said yesterday that his office understands works require to be done on such bigger project and he is optimistic about it.

Samo said his office is ready and just waiting from national government through the MWYCFAs on when to give greenlight on the project.

On that note, he called the GNUT government to set the project as priority and not to delay it as experienced in its initial stage.

Samo said young people in Malaita really need the project and won’t wait to see the materialization of this milestone project.

He said the implementation of the project will contribute meaningfully to the development of youths in the province through creation of opportunities for them to prosper in life.

Samo said a lot of areas the youth hub will contribute to the youth development in Malaita province and his office want GNUT government to prioritize the project.

He also assured support of MPG through his office behind the project to see it materialize to support young people in Malaita province.

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