Mala provincial govt visit tourism operators

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THE Department of Tourism in Malaita province had recently visited tourism operators in the northeast areas of Ata within the province.

The purpose of the visit is to help guide operators to abide to the “minimum standards and classification for tourism accommodation” as promoted in the country.

Malaita provincial tourism officer, Rose Masibata told this paper yesterday that the required minimum standard is important for tourism accommodation and operators to try and live up to.

She said under the minimum standards, design accommodation for tourism must meet required measurements of certain aspects of the building to suit comfortable stay for tourists.

Masibata added that the minimum standard doesn’t apply only for accommodation alone, but also to other activities that are connected to the accommodation. 

She said a total of nine operators had visited the program and most of them have knowledge on the idea as portrayed in the accommodation.

Masibata said the minimum standards and classification for tourism accommodation applies to home-stay, bungalow, resort, motel and even hotel which not only looks at comfortable stay for tourist, but promotes the industry.

On that note, she also said that during the visit as well, operators managed to understand differences of these types of accommodations and activities pertaining to them.

“The visit was also in preparation to boost tourism industry in the province as we expect to receive tourists whenever our border is open back next year.

“And for the purpose of the business, it doesn’t mean only tourist, but there are locals who will be using the accommodation if they have a chance,” Masibata said.

She said most of these operators had started their home-stays with the support received from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT).