Major infrastructure boost for Auki township



MALAITA’S provincial capital, Auki has received major infrastructure developments through assistance by the International Development Association under the World Bank’s CAUSE project.

Since the establishment of the Community Access and Urban Services Enhancement (CAUSE) project under the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Auki, a number of infrastructure and facelift have been made to schools, and communities in and around the Auki township.

CAUSE project has been working under two components since its coming to Auki and both continues to contribute towards cleanliness and infrastructure facelift of Auki town.

The recently completed Auki Magistrate footpath.

Under component (I) of the project, residents in Auki were trained and employed to clean the streets of Auki town and along the main roads leading to suburbs within the township.

For component (I), fair distribution of recruitment was made to residents in Auki where people have a chance to get monthly employment under the project.

A footpath at Town End SDA Primary school

Under the first component of the project, there is support to the Auki Town Council (ATC) on rubbish collection as well as providing employment to people.

The component two of CAUSE project under Auki (PIU) is on infrastructure and a lot of infrastructure projects had been implemented on surrounding communities of Auki, schools, clinic and in the township itself.

The project started with a bridge at Kwaibala and a Jacob’s ladder more than 100 metres in length at Fulikaomae village on the outskirts of the township.

Kwaibala bridge
Fulikaomae Jacob’s ladder

A concrete pavement was made at the Auki Rural Clinic that contributed much to the upgrade of the health centre and a number of infrastructure projects for Kilu’ufi hospital made under the covid-19 programme are yet to be done.

A bridge and a footpath were also built at Town End SDA primary school as well as a footpath at Alota’a CHS near Auki town.

There is also a footpath constructed near the premier’s residence, leading to the assembly chamber, and the most recently completed project was the Auki Magistrate footpath leading to the provincial offices.

In a recent interview with Resident and Works Supervisor of CAUSE for Auki PIU, Joe Uiamanu Ruriti said there are a number of infrastructure projects proposed and implementation will be expected soon.

Construction of Auki Magistrate footpath: PICTURES SAMMIE WAIKORI

He said the CAUSE project under its two components will continue to work with MPG, schools, clinics and communities as long as the project is in Auki.

Apart from CAUSE, there was number of stakeholders who also continue to invest in infrastructure development of Auki.

On Thursday last week, the public of Auki witnessed the handing over of improvement projects to the Auki Central Market which was funded by the Australian government through the UN Women Market For Change project.

There are also a number of buildings currently under construction that will soon be completed.

The current boost of infrastructure in Auki town will not only contribute towards the town’s facelift, but also the social-economic development of the province.

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