Magistrate talks out against stealing


PRINCIPAL Magistrate Leonard Chite has reminded citizens that there is no gain in using one’s position to illegally acquire Constituency funds for personal gain.

He made the statement when sentencing the former Constituency Development Officer of Temotu Nende.

Chite said everyone makes mistakes, but it takes the wise to learn and take constructive steps and measures to become a better person.

“If anything that I must strongly emphasize on is learn to appreciate what is genuinely acquired that what is pleasing but unlawful for every work of the hands will soon be revealed and when they do bad works normally attracts severe punishments.

“I hereby make bold to state that those who find passion in stealing from the government or acquiring monies from abuse of positions are journey bound to prison. There is more to life that indulging oneself in act of official corruption,” Chite said.

Chite explained that the offence of official corruption is very serious, in that the defendant was vested with responsibility to look after and administer constituency Development fund for the Constituency. Clearly, the role encompassed, although indirectly, looking after the welfare and financial limitations, as well as the greater need of the less fortunate, including other community-based development plans.

He adds acquiring that money in the guise of financing a housing scheme project for his own family is an outright disrespect, breach of trust and lack of empathy to those he promised to se

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