Maelanga defends govt


DEPUTY Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga has defended government on issues of boat building, drainage system in Honiara, road maintenance and building of wharves around the country.

Maelanga, also Minister of Infrastructure Development, was responding to the recommendations made by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on his ministry’s programmes.

Speaking during the debate of the 2023 Appropriation Bill 2022 in Parlaiment yesterday, Maelanga said a team was sent out this year to Langalanga lagoon in Malaita province to assess the boat builders there.

He said the people of Langalanga are known for building boats and transporting people and cargoes in the past.

“We have prepared a report and there will be support given to them when it is finalised,” he said.

Further to that, Maelanga said the Ministry also supported the private sectors and other constituencies which own ships as well.

Regarding Honiara’s drainage system, Maelanga said there will be another contractor next year to work with the current contractor to look after the drainage systems and the bad state of roads in the capital.

Honiara’s drains usually get blocked during rainy weather, which results in debris overflowing on the main road.

Furthermore, he said for the maintenance of roads in Honiara and the provinces, it’s an ongoing project, where some are funded by World Bank.

Maelanga said work on Chea wharve in Marovo, Western province is expected to start soon, after their Member of Parliament, Chachabule sorted out the land issue with the landowners.

Further to that, Maelanga said the Ministry is also preparing to open the wharves in Tulagi (Central Islands) and Ugi Islands in Makira Ulawa.

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