M4D denies claim to topple DCGA

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THE Malaita For Democracy (M4D) group has denied any secret plot carried out with the Malaita Provincial Government or any stakeholders to overthrow the ruling national government as claimed on social media.

Secretary of M4D, Robin Ratu made the statement in response to a recent Facebook post by a Samson Faisi saying “MARA provincial government is secretly plotting to overthrow the DCGA government”.

He said information in the post holds no truth and that it is blatant lies and misleading as far as M4D is concern.

Ratu said in the post Faisi referred to him as “M4D secretary” and the one who revealed the plot to people of west Fataleka during a “highly secretive meeting held by M4D” at Gwaunatafu on Sunday.

He explained that the meeting was not “highly secretive” as referred to by Faisi, as it is a public meeting for communities of west Fataleka in particular ward five (5).

He said the purpose of the meeting was to organize communities in the west Fataleka area for the Malaita Sons and Daughters Reconciliation currently ongoing at Aimela.

Ratu said this is the intention of the meeting and there’s nothing secret or anything secret discussed during the meeting.

He also clarified that M4D had no deals with the MPG, MPs for West Are Are and Aoke Langa Langa and the management of MV Taimareho 1 to provide free transport for 5,000 MARA supporters to Honiara on the 20th November as claimed.

Ratu said there’s nothing of such claimed and Faisi’s mention of the two MPs in his post was only to discredit them as honorable Malaitan leaders. 

He stressed that the reconciliation ceremony is for the purpose of reconciling Malaitans and not to organize or incite anything that is contrary to it as he also said in his post “more details on this (plot) will be discussed during the planned reconciliation.”

Ratu said M4D is well aware of Faisi’s status in the DCGA circle and it should not be a surprise for him to make such false rumors on those that are not in good terms with them.

He said as a Malaitan, Faisi must think otherwise that this reconciliation is for Malaitans like him and everyone to iron out their differences and work together for the development of the province.