Logger turns on other loggers

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ORION Limited Managing Manager, Chan Chee Min has questioned the “tactics” and “ploys” employed by some logging companies operating in the country to export logs overseas.

Chan gave examples of companies like FR Resources, ES Suba Enterprise Limited, Bulacan International Limited and Price Word Product (PWP) Limited, who are members of Solomon Forest Association (SFA).

He said FR Resources allegedly operated illegally under ES Suba Enterprises Limited felling licence Number A101639 on Lot 32 on Kubongava customary land in South West Choiseul.

Chan said FR Resources fell and exported 7,000 cubic meters of logs through Bulacan International Limited on November 2018.

This despite an existing High Court Injunction Orders under HCCC 246 of 2018 over the land was in place.

He said Bulacan Integrated Wood Industries in conjunction with ES Suba Enterprises Limited have allegedly fraudulently obtained felling licence number A101639 covering Lot 32 as well.

Chan alleged the proceeds from the shipment of the 7,000 cubic meters was released by Consent Order, but landowners Billy Tudubatu said he did not sign any consent Order.

He said it was understood that the Consent Order was allegedly signed by the Attorney General Chambers.

“This matter needs to be investigated into as it involves the Attorney General Chambers,” he said.

Island Sun understand former Attorney General James Apaniai had left the office in October 2018.

He was replaced by current Attorney General John Muria Junior.

The paper contacted Apaniai for verification but he could not answer his phone.

Furthermore, Chan said FR Resources made a deal to acquire a SFA member company, PWP.

He said it is public knowledge within the logging industry that PWP was acquired at a price tag of SBD $2 million.

PWP was owned by a Malaysian logging company that had a short logging operation in the Solomon Islands.
Records shows that PWP was alleged to be involved in certain unprecedented practices.

The owner of PWP sold the entire entity, properties, sawmill at Noro, Western Province and licence in a “lot stock and barrel” to Samlimsan (SI) Ltd.

Samlimsan (SI) Ltd then sold PWP to two Malaysian logging owners.

PWP is currently operating on Subavalu customary land in South West Choiseul under felling licence A101851 without going through the Timber Rights acquisition procedures.

Chan said the same felling license A101851 was issued to Subavalu Community Investment Limited.

“This is the second time because Bulacan Integrated Wood Industries (Company) Limited acquired the first felling licence number A10820,” he said.

“All the connections are being established.

“This can easily prove that SFA is working a conspiracy of a scam under the pretext of Legal Notice 114 of 2007 or at least it has a characteristic of a cartel,” he alleged.

Chan was trained in the public accountant, auditing, tax evasion investigation and corporate management environment.

He has worked in the Solomon Islands logging industry since 1988 and is very familiar to the system.