Less tourists visiting SI affects carvers


DECREASING number of tourists visiting the capital, Honiara, affects local cavers’ revenue in the months of December 2018 and January 2018.

A concerned local carver from Marovo Lagoon, Western Province told Island Sun the current trend of tourists coming into the country is decreasing and it really affects their selling.

He said the matter has become an issue for carver vendors when it comes to earning dollar for the day.

“This issue have affected most of us (carving sellers) when it comes to earn money in sustaining our livelihoods, also it will affect the continues cultural and traditionally arts and crafts promotion Solomon Islands venturing in.

“Having seen this issue affecting us we can’t sit longer under our booths waiting for cruise boats schedules to berth at Point Cruz wharf carrying number of tourists but to find possible ways to meet our daily expectations,” he said.

In relation he said responsible authorities should find possible ways in addressing this issue to help Solomon Islands’ local cavers in a better place to sell their products.

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