Landowners plans to shut down Ziata water source

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THE Landowning tribes of Munda have decided to shut down the Ziata water source, again.

This was confirmed to Island Sun by spokesman for GMMV Tribes, Mr Rex Biku, yesterday.

Biku said they were expecting the national government to respond positively to their goodwill.

He said that they submitted a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on March 8 this year. Since then the government has not responded.

“Hereof the GGMV Tribes appeal and take to your attention a 14 days grace period to reconsider your decision of how and why you reject our request and please respect our tribe’s intention to meet with your delegation concerning the subject matter.

“But since the government has not responded to our request to sort the issues surrounding the water source, we’ve decided to shut down the source again this after,” Biku told Island Sun.

He said government failed to respond to their letter to the Prime Minister on various issues surrounding the source.

“These issues include ownership and payments,” he said.

Mr Biku said it is clear the government does not want to listen to them.

“If the government fail to response within the 14 days grace period of date they received our letter, the GGMV tribes will demand SIWA to closed down Ziata Customary land Water Pump Station and took in charge of the Water Pump Station key from the Solomon Islands Water Authority (SIWA) at Noro until such time the Government and responsible authority step in to settle our grievances.

“Sadly, we understand the closure of Ziata Pump Station will affect prominent businesses in Noro, such as SOLTUNA, NFD and other Government and private business households in Noro Township and the Noro residents.

“Least we cannot dwell on providing free service to the government whereas the resource owner received nothing from our resource.”

The landowning groups who are behind the action include Gumi, Gemu, Veo, and Miabule.